Baitul Maal sebagai Lembaga Keuangan Melayu Palembang, perannya dalam Sustainable Development

Siti, Mardiah and Zulkifli, - (2016) Baitul Maal sebagai Lembaga Keuangan Melayu Palembang, perannya dalam Sustainable Development. In: Internasional Seminar " The Dynamic Malay Islamic World In Responding to Contemporary Global Issues, 2-3 Desember 2016, UIN Raden Fatah Palembang. (Submitted)

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Islamic economic institutions have existed since the Kingdom of Darussalam. The role of this institution is ongoing until now. One dimension of sustainable development of the economy is seeing growth in productivity of existing economic institutions. To see the productivity growth of Microfinance Institutions Sharia is a look at the financing. Research Methodology in this study is qualitative-quantitative research. Types and Sources of data in this study are primary data in the form of questionnaires while the secondary data in the form of documentation and research books on the financing. Sample of this study is BMT al-Aqobah with variable limits on internal factors concerning the financing institutions that margin, quality and procedures. Data analysis technique used is descriptive analysis and inferesial. Inferesial analysis performed on the test variables, so that it can be asserted in general. While the descriptive analysis performed on the secondary data to explain, describe and develop existing phenomena. The result founded that margin and financing procedures had possitif affect to financing. So the easier the procedure, the higher the number of members who apply for funding and so were the lower margins on variable margin, the higher the number of members who filed a Murabaha financing. The more people who apply for financing would show no growth in productivity increases. So that the Islamic economic development in a sustainable manner can run well.

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