Does Qur’an and Science Literacy Interrelated?

Ahmad, Zainuri (2020) Does Qur’an and Science Literacy Interrelated? Talent Development & Excellence, 12 (1). pp. 3927-3939. ISSN 3927 – 3939

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Abstract Al-Qur'an is the main guideline for Muslims. Muslims believe that all aspects of human life can be solved with it. Research with a mixed-method approach aims to answer the question of whether Qur'an literacy (QL) has an impact on the science literacy (SL) of prospective physics teachers. Based on the results of tests on 23 Physics teacher candidate students at UIN STS Jambi, it was found that the correlation between scientific literacy and Qur'an literacy was positive, 0.761, and significant, with a value 0.00 < 0.05. The data show that there is a very strong positive relationship between SL and QL. Thus, it can be concluded that students (people) with good QL will tend to have good SL, as well. Therefore, those who study the Qur'an will indirectly have good scientific literacy skills. Thus, there is a need for integrated learning of the Qur'an and science. Such learning can be carried out for n

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Qur'an literacy (QL), Science literacy (SL), Physics teacher candidates
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